The Cabin On The Back - The Story

This game was created by carpenters proximately in the 14th century.

It was approximately in the 14th century when carpenters invented this game.
Jean-Baptiste BOSCAVE, a carpenter, had just bought a new saw at Hervé LEARD’s, the blacksmith.

Hardly had he came home when he wanted to try his saw.
He took a beam in his workshop and cut it on the cross.

When he was done, the trimming fell on the square shaped side. Jean-Baptiste told himself:
_ « Hey hey, it has the shape of a cabin! »

Then, he had the idea of cutting the beam a bit more in order to create a second cabin, but a taller one!

When he was done, the trimming fell but this time on the ‘roof’ side!
Then he told himself:

_ «It has the shape of a cabin,
but a cabin on the back! »
He made several cabins but smaller and smaller ….so small that one day children threw them like dice.
All together they decided to make rules to this new dice game:

‹ T › meant « TOP »

‹ F › meant « FACADE »

‹ L › meant « LEFT »

‹ R › meant « RIGHT »

‹ B › meant « BACK»

Finally, ‹ C › meant « CABIN ON THE BACK»

To win the game, you got to throw both dice and make two cabins! If you get one ‘cabin on the back’ then you loose your turn and you’re skipped!

Soon, every craftsman working on the building site of the Amiens Cathedral (France) began to play to ‘C’ the cabin on the back..

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